Here’s What Happens When Your Volkswagen ID.4 Dies

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There are a couple of things to note on the towing front. First, you’ll need to shift your ID.4 into neutral in order to move it. Thankfully, the ID.4’s 12-volt battery should provide enough power to facilitate the shift. You will also need to sit in the driver’s seat for the ID.4 to stay in neutral; otherwise, it will go back into the parked setting. In other words, if you need to push your ID.4 to get it off the road, you’ll need an extra person to assist.

Once the ID.4 is hooked up to the tow vehicle, the only remaining task is to take it to the nearest charge station, plug it in and wait. Note that it could take a while to charge back up since the battery has been fully discharged. If you have a fast-charging station nearby, this will be the ideal option.

Edmunds says

Running the battery empty in a Volkswagen ID.4 is a lot more problematic than running out of gas, but the vehicle will provide ample warning and has a reserve range built in. We hope you’ll never have to use this information in the real world, but if you do, our test results should give you some peace of mind in a stressful situation.

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