First Time Car Buyer: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve concluded plans to have something to do with an auto dealer for the first in your life, make sure you take to all necessary buying guides for first-time car owners.

We have carefully selected all your need know before racing to the auto dealer shop for your first car model.

Weigh Your Budget

It’s not enough to admire or want to have the best car on the road. You’ll need to narrow your search for a car that matches your budget range so you don’t end up buying liability for an asset. After all, you don’t have to break the bank to get a car that’ll serve your need. Besides, you need to consider post-purchase expenses, including maintenance cost, tax, VIN fee, etc.

Opt for used Car

There’s always that craze for brand new cars. If you have the budget, you can. But considering used cars will save you a lot of bucks. ‘Used cars’ don’t mean bad cars. In fact, we have quite a number of five-year-old cars that’ll serve you well and won’t incur too much expense. Maybe five-year-olds are too vintage, we have used cars that only spent two to three years of their lifespan. These are also a greater option.

Study the Details of the Contract Carefully

Before buying your first car, it’s important you read very carefully the contract. If you merely scan through the contract, you may end up pay more than what you budget or bargain for. Some sellers insert some terms in the contract documents that you may not be able to dispute later. Ensure your proper due diligence.  

Think of Your Payment Plan

How do you want to make payment for your purchase: down payment, trade-in, or full payment? If you don’t have enough to make a one-time payment, then make a realistic and practical purchasing plan, such as an auto loan. Needless to say that you have to improve your credit score before asking for a loan.

Don’t Compromise Car Inspection

Whether you’re buying a brand new or used car, make sure you carry out a thorough inspection of the car. For auction or used cars, get adequate, accurate, and detailed reports through either AutoCheck or CarFax. This will tell the history of the car, save you from avoidable post-buy spending, and help you avoid an unnecessary dispute with the seller.


 Buying your first car requires due diligence and you’ll need to have all the important information above at your disposal in order to get the best model, whether brand new or used. Don’t be in a hurry; take these pieces of information with you, and you rest assured that you’ll enjoy your car.

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