SpaceX Completes 20th Starlink Mission

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SpaceX successfully delivered another load of 60 satellites to join its Starlink constellation.

The mission was originally slated for January 27, but was delayed or scrubbed 10 times before lifting off Thursday morning from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SpaceX now has more than 1,000 Starlink satellites in orbit and the company has said it believes it can provide internet service around the globe with 1,200 satellites. The system could ultimately scale to 30,000 satellites.

Thursday’s launch marked the 20th Starlink mission and the fifth this year. Starlink is currently in beta, serving about 10,000 customers. The price is currently $99 per month plus a one-time fee of $499 for the user terminal, mounting tripod, and router.

The company is also reportedly staffing up a factory to build Starlink hardware.

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