Top 5 Cheapest Full Electric Cars in 2021

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Decent electric cars are currently on the pricier end of the segment mostly as compared to the traditional petrol and diesel line-up. But we have compiled the cheapest EVs you can get in the US for your money.

2021 Mini Cooper SE Electric Hardtop
2021 Mini Cooper SE Electric Hardtop

2021 Mini Cooper SE Hardtop 2-door hatchback is the cheapest you can get in terms of an EV from a respectable known brand. It provides a solid interior, 6.5-inch display, and all current-gen safety features as standard or separate options. Coming onto its range, it is more practical as a city car due to its 110 miles range advertised by Mini Cooper. It is configuring with a 181 Hp electric motor which also a lot as compared to its competitors in this price segment. It is a great car for an in-city commute for a small family, as the rear seats can get a bit cramped for adults.

2021 Mini Cooper SE Hardtop Photo Gallery – Exterior & Interior

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