Bright orange Tesla Model Y is a head-turner [Photo Gallery]

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February 28, 2021
Iqtidar Ali

This orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y is one that you can’t ignore. Naveen Sharma (@djnaveensharma) is a wedding DJ from Michigan and owner of this stunning orange Model Y. When he posted a photo in a Tesla Model Y Facebook group, it quickly caught the attention (and plenty of commentary) from onlookers.

Orange  wrapped  Tesla Model Y.

Above: Orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y (Source: DJ Naveen Sharma; all photos posted with express written permission of the owner)

So I decided to ask Naveen for some more photos (and details) and he was courteous enough to provide the goods. It turns out that before the vinyl wrap, this Tesla was actually a pearl white Model Y as evidenced below.

Tesla Model Y in Pear White Multi-Coat color. A look before getting wrapped in orange.

Above: Tesla Model Y in pearl white multi-coat color before getting wrapped in orange (Source: DJ Naveen Sharma)

That said, after getting a new custom orange wrap from Michigan-based Superior Dent Repair & Detailing, this beauty transformed into some Tesla “eye candy” that quickly captured the attention of so many Facebook fans and admirers.

If you’re curious, the orange color seen on this Tesla Model Y is called “Urban Orange Gloss” and the hex code is HX20495B.

Above: Color card for the Tesla Model Y – Urban Orange Gloss / HX20495B (Source: Naveen Sharma)

It took approximately $2,400 and one week to get the Model Y wrapped in this glossy orange color and a ceramic coating installed over it for some extra protection.

Rumors have surged that Tesla may begin a vinyl wrap service for its customers in China and roll out the service to other markets. If this happens, this particular look could become quite popular — you never know.

Photo Gallery

Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y.
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y.
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y.
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y.

Above: Photos of the orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y electric SUV (Source: DJ Naveen Sharma). Tap / Click the image to open high-res version in new tab.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on Tesla Oracle.

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