Land Rover to launch 6 electric vehicles by 2026

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New Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore on Monday announced a company-wide strategy that will see Jaguar become an electric brand by as early as 2025.

Land Rover hasn’t been left out of the strategy, however. The SUV arm of JLR is planning several new electric vehicles of its own.

Under the strategy, known as Reimagine, Land Rover will launch its first EV in 2024 and add five more by 2026. And by 2030, all Land Rover vehicles will either be electric or have the option of an electric powertrain.

Thierry Bollore

Thierry Bollore

While Jaguar’s future lineup will be based on a dedicated EV platform currently in the works, Land Rover’s EVs will be based on platforms supporting both electric and hybrid vehicles.

There will be two platforms at Land Rover: the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) and Electric Modular Architecture (EMA). The MLA is expected to be a relatively conventional platform supporting mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. It debuts shortly in a redesigned Range Rover.

The EMA is described as a “pure electric biased” platform, which suggests that it will be used mostly for electric vehicles but can also support hybrids, possibly even series hybrids, also known as extended-range EVs.

Jaguar Land Rover Tucana Project

Jaguar Land Rover Tucana Project

Not all of the EVs will necessarily be battery-electric vehicles as JLR is developing hydrogen fuel-cell technology, too. The automaker is also known to be developing lightweight vehicle structures to offset the weight of EV tech in a consortium known as Tucana. It’s all part of the automaker’s plan to have net zero carbon emissions by 2039.

Land Rover has already given us a taste of the potential of an electric SUV with its Defender All-Terrain Electric prototype unveiled in 2013. The prototype relied on a single electric motor to power its four-wheel-drive system and could travel about 50 miles on a single charge.

Importantly, the prototype showed that electrification offers plenty of benefits for an off-road vehicle. The low-down weight of batteries and the instantaneous torque delivery of electric motors is exactly what hardcore crawlers desire.

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