Ioniq 5 horsepower, range leaked

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Hyundai has been slowly revealing details about its electrified future, including the launch of the Ioniq sub-brand and the new E-GMP modular EV platform. Specific product details have been scarce, though, until Hyundai’s Austrian website leaked info on the first vehicle in Hyundai’s electrification strategy, the Ioniq 5 crossover. The leak has been covered by multiple sites, including Car and Driver, and the information, while gone from the live site, lives on thanks to the Wayback Machine archive site.

Starting from the top, the Ioniq 5 will pack 308 horsepower and all-wheel drive, with a claimed 0 to 62 mph time of 5.2 seconds. We know the 5 uses the E-GMP platform and should have two motors to achieve all-wheel drive. It’s a rear-drive-biased platform, which should make the Ioniq 5 highly entertaining to drive.

Range isn’t earth-shattering, with a WLTP range of 450 kilometers, or 280 miles. That’s a bit lower than the 482-kilometer WLTP range of the Kona Electric. Since the Kona Electric is rated for 258 miles of range on the EPA cycle, we would expect the Ioniq 5 to come in below the Kona. Although range may be lower, the Ioniq 5 will have 800-volt, 232-kW fast charging, similar to what the Porsche Taycan features. This will allow the car to charge from 20% to 80% in just 15 minutes.

We also now have an idea about the size of the Ioniq 5, and, considering it will feature styling from the angular Hyundai 45 hatchback concept, it’s a little bigger than you might expect. It’s 182.7 inches long, 74.4 inches wide and 63 inches tall. The wheelbase is 118.1 inches. Put into context, that’s right in-between the Tucson and Santa Fe in regards to length, nearly as wide as the Santa Fe, and lower than both of them.

Finally, we have a reveal date: February 2021. Not only that, it should be in early February, as the archived Austrian site notes reservation holders will be able to finalize their orders with preferred color and such starting Feb. 2 until Feb. 16. The First Edition models, 150 of which are available to Austrian buyers, will be delivered this summer in June or July.

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