How To Negotiate Buying a Car – IMPORTANT Tips!

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This article will guide you on how to correctly negotiate when you want to buy a car. Enjoy reading!


It’s not binding that you drop the price indicated on the new car you see with your local auto dealer. There are tips to negotiate buying car without tagging the dealer a dupe, especially when you see an outrageous price tag on a car.

Let’s look at those important tips to cutting a good price deal when buying a car:

6 Important Tips

  • Visit as Many Dealerships as You Can

You have ample opportunities to compare prices if you can shop for multiple auto dealers. You can easily take a cue from a dealer that offers a bargain to know what the vehicle goes for. By the time you visit multiple dealers, you can make your decision about the average price of the car. We also recommend you to read our article with questions to ask when buying a used car, it will help you a lot!

  • Do an Average Price in Mind

How much of the market do you know? If you’ve done your random homework well, you’d have known the average price for the trim, model, make, and year of the car you want to buy. In that you way, you’ll not need to haggle so much with the dealer before you reach an agreed price.

  • Equip Yourself with Market Information

How much do you know about the car you’re buying? You should be fully armed with requisite information about almost everything concerning the car before you enter into negotiation. Which model of the car sells for which price? Find out about the year, trim, and make of the vehicle. Have and show some competence, confidence, and authority in the bargaining process. 

  • Not Too Early, Not Too Late Haggling

Stick to your number by not succumbing too easily to the twists and turns of the salesperson. Don’t or haggle too endlessly, either. Making yourself look like a beneficiary of the philanthropic gesture of the dealer lowers your bargaining power. Be firm with your decision.

  • Never fall for Add-on Features

There are some extra features of the car that you don’t need which the salesperson want to use as an bait for the price they want to offer the car to you.

Play down on those features and how they don’t matter to the overall design, style, performance and delivery of the car.   

Sometimes auto dealers want to allow you a long stretch of period to pay up for your car. They do this by offering it at a price that in the long is higher the asking price. Don’t fall for this cheap bait because it’ll have a terrific multiplier effect on your budget.


Apparently, negotiating a car price, as you can see, can be a little daunting, and it requires some skills, too. The thing to know is that the dealer is into business, and every business targets profit. The buyer must use any of the following tips to getting a cool price for the new car they want to buy.

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