Canoo MPDV is an electric work van that starts at $33,000

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The electric Canoo van is here, and it’s bringing a completely new aesthetic to the delivery van scene. Unlike the electric vans from Ford, Mercedes and others, the Canoo Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) is challenging design norms for what a commercial van should look like. It’s slab-sided with flat panels everywhere, and it looks distinctly futuristic in a Cyberpunk sort of way. Its massive greenhouse in front should make it super easy to see out of, and the stubby front end looks conducive to easy placement in tight urban spaces.

It’s all based on Canoo’s in-house skateboard platform the company is developing that puts the battery pack in the floor and a single electric motor on the front axle. A modular construction is used so that Canoo can put a number of different bodies atop the skateboard. In the beginning, Canoo will offer the MPDV1 and MPDV2 with the intention of releasing an MPDV3 later on. The vans go up in size and holding capacity corresponding to their number designation. For example, the MPDV1 has 200 cubic-feet of space rear of the bulkhead, whereas the MPDV 2 has 450 cubic-feet of space.

The single electric motor makes 200 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque — it’s the same in both vans. Three battery pack options are available: 40 kWh (130-mile range), 60 kWh (190-mile range) and 80 kWh (230-mile range). Those figures correspond to the MPDV1 and all drop by about 30-40 miles respectively when paired with the bigger MPDV2. Canoo only offers an approximate charge time for the 80 kWh pack, claiming a 20%-80% charge will take 28 minutes when connected to a DC fast charger.


Canoo designed in a number of features to make living with the Canoo as a work vehicle pleasant. It features a 240-volt outlet (for high power tools), work stations built into it throughout, storage lockers, ramp slide outs for loading/unloading and a super high roof design for easy walking around within the van. Canoo also claims it will have a number of driver assistance systems that place it at level two autonomy, similar to where a number of automakers are right now.

Payload maxes out at 1,980 pounds with the smallest 40 kWh battery pack. As you put larger and heavier packs in, payload decreases, going as low as 1,320 pounds with the MPDV2 80 kWh pack version. Canoo envisions a number of use cases for the MPDV vans from small business delivery to food truck use. In its launch video you can watch above in this post, it even features a rendering of an adventure RV-type vehicle. Plenty of folks already upfit Transit Vans and others like it as vans to live in, and we could see the same happening for the Canoo van.

Full pricing isn’t available yet, but the MPDV1 is supposed to begin at $33,000 with the 40 kWh version. Canoo says more pricing information will come at a later date. It plans on offering a limited number starting in 2022 with a bigger launch planned for 2023.

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