Mystery Bugatti hypercar teased in revealing photo, debut likely coming Oct. 28

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Bugatti in recent weeks has been hinting at a model with radical styling and over the weekend we got a major clue in the form of a revealing teaser shot.

Bugatti has previously teased the taillights of the car, which were arranged in an “X,” bringing to mind the X-Wing star fighter from “Star Wars,” and you can clearly see this design in the video below. The video actually reveals most of the design, and shows what appears to be track-focused model resembling a Le Mans Prototype racer. Just take a look at the huge intake on the roof and the stabilizing fin behind it.

Could an entry in the World Endurance Championship’s new Le Mans Hypercar class be in the works? Bugatti does have a history of competing at Le Mans.

Bugatti hasn’t revealed anything else about the vehicle, but the automaker does have something planned for October 28. It also revealed the number 0.67 as some kind of clue.

Bugatti Vision Le Mans concept by Max Lask

Bugatti Vision Le Mans concept by Max Lask

This could be the car referenced in a September report from CAR that claimed Bugatti is about to be transferred from current owner Volkswagen Group to EV technology company Rimac, a process that will see current Bugatti chief Stephan Winkelmann leave the company. Just prior to leaving, he will reportedly announce a wild track car inspired by the Bugatti Vision Le Mans concept envisaged by student designer Max Lask (shown above). The future of Bugatti at VW Group is expected to be discussed at a November meeting.

Stay tuned for an update.

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