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Level of protection, film finish, coverage areas…there’s a lot to consider after you’ve made that first important decision to get paint protection film for your Tesla. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Steer clear of confusion by focusing on three key aspects of PPF first, and keep in mind what matters most to you. 

Premium or Premium with Added Protection?

It’s natural to want to look at PPF brands before choosing a specific product, but we recommend something different to help keep your head clear. Decide first whether you want a premium PPF, or a premium PPF with higher impact resistance. Here’s why: there are several strong PPF brands in the market, but only a few have thicker, sturdier products. 

Here’s how to think about it: if you mostly drive on paved roads and don’t often see extreme weather, a premium product like SunTek Ultra will make you happy. But if you drive regularly on gravel and see long seasons of harsh weather, you’ll want a PPF engineered to take a beating, such as SunTek Ultra Defense. 

Shiny Gloss or Velvety Matte?

PPF products that are identical except for the finish will perform equally well, so this choice is purely about style. If you love a slick, fresh-from-the-factory finish, glossy paint protection film is the way to go. It’s virtually invisible, making it nearly impossible to tell which areas are protected and which aren’t. This is key if you’re going for partial PPF coverage. If you want to make a major statement with your Tesla, consider a matte finish. Most people who go matte choose full coverage to transform their entire car with a head-turning custom look, but that’s not the only option here. If you’re really daring, you might go for a mix of matte and shine finishes. 

Full or Partial PPF Coverage?

With PPF, you have the option to protect practically every smooth surface on your Tesla, or to shield select areas more prone to damage. Paint in protected and unprotected areas fades at the same rate, so your budget and tolerance of finish imperfections are what should drive the decision here. We understand it’s helpful to visualize coverage options, and you can do that right now with the PPF viewer on the SunTek website. When you check it out, be sure to select the sedan to see how PPF installations will look on a Tesla. Also interesting to note: our dealers report that full coverage is the most popular choice for Tesla owners. 

Once you’ve tackled the three decisions here, you’ll be much closer to the day you get to enjoy the ultimate PPF payoff: a Tesla with pristine paint for thousands of miles, which holds its value. If you still have questions, though, post in the comments. We’re here to help you feel good about your PPF choices, love the results, and drive happily ever after. 

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