5 Ways to Prepare for a Tesla Road Trip

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Hearing the call of the open road? Overdue to explore a new place? Missing familiar faces? Thinking ahead to the holidays? Whatever your reason for a road trip, we’ve got you covered. Follow the advice here to prepare yourself and your Tesla for the most stress-free, satisfying highway adventure possible. 

Get Your Tesla a Checkup

Teslas need different types of service, and less of it, than most other cars. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning one. Still, it makes sense to do a quick checkup before you head out for hundreds of miles. Make an appointment at your local Tesla Service Center about three weeks before your departure date and have them check this list of items: steering and suspension, cabin air filter, tires and wheel alignment, brakes, and fluids. About those fluids: all Teslas have wiper and brake fluid; you’ll also want to check transmission fluid if you have a Model S. Once you’ve had a full check and handled any related repairs, you can be confident your Tesla is fully road-ready. 

Look into Travel Restrictions

Nobody enjoys a quarantine, especially when it’s a surprise one that eats up most of your vacation. Don’t be the car with out-of-state plates that gets pulled over unprepared. Look into travel restrictions when you’re planning where to go, and make another quick check before you leave. It’s easy to find out which states require isolation upon entry, a Travel Health Form, or nothing at all. Visit the CDC’s directory of health departments for all U.S. states and territories. The links there will take you to information about your destination and any other states you’ll be passing through.

Understand the Reality of Range 

Tesla does a solid job of predicting mileage range per model, but these numbers can be affected by real-world factors such as your driving style, A/C use, charging habits, weather conditions, number of passengers, and what’s in the trunk. To avoid FOPO (fear of power outage), assume that your range is somewhat below Tesla’s prediction, keep tabs on energy use early in your trip, and adjust if needed. Try not to obsess, though. Know you’ve got access to a strong network of charging stations all over the nation, including Superchargers, plus the Tesla app to support you.

Plan Your Recharging Stop-Offs

First off: definitely add travel time for charging stops. Most Tesla Superchargers give you 170 miles of range in 30 minutes, but this depends on charging conditions and how low your battery is at the time you plug in. This is because Teslas charge faster from a lower starting charge, meaning that you’ll get more power charging up from 10-50% than you will from 20-70%. Regardless of your approach to charging efficiency, you’ll want to use Tesla’s online trip planner to map out stops. This gives you a complete plan for keeping your Tesla’s energy level in a good place, while also helping you make the most of available amenities while you are charging up: restrooms, coffee, snacks or shopping.

Protect Against Road Damage

The more miles you cover, the more exposed your Tesla’s finish is to road damage. Fortunately, you can eliminate concerns about this by having SunTek® paint protection film (PPF) professionally installed before you hit the road. This helps keep paint looking fresh, despite threats such as flying rocks, harsh weather, dust and other debris. SunTek PPF is a tough, advanced layer of protection that’s engineered to self-heal scratches with heat from your engine or the sun. And as an added bonus: the sticky bug guts that splatter over your front-end during highway driving slough off easily with SunTek’s slippery HydroResist™ top coat. Go for installation in select areas or full coverage, depending on your budget and expected road conditions.

Now that you know the basics of Tesla road trip readiness, you can focus on dreaming up your ideal highway adventure. Let your imagination roam free, point your Tesla towards fun, and enjoy making some fantastic memories along the way. 

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