2025 BMW M3 CSL rendering shows a unique rear-end and exhaust

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In less than two weeks, BMW M will finally unveil some of their most controversial cars to date – the G80 M3 sedan and the G82 M4 Coupe. The two M brothers led the headlines of the automotive world in 2020, mostly because of their daring and “unique” kidney grille.

But the iconic M3/M4 is shaping up to be a spectacular machine, so the discussion around styling might dwindle down. For the first time in their history, the M3 and M4 models will come with an all-wheel drive configuration. A rear-wheel drive model will be offered as well. Just like any respectable sportscar, it will still feature a six-speed manual transmission.

The G8x platform will also inherit the M philosophy from the F8x models. Therefore, in its 5-7 years lifecycle we will see a variety of special edition and limited models. A new M3 CS and M4 CS units are expected sometime in 2023, followed nearly two years later by a high-end sportscar.

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Instead of using the GTS name seen in the current M4, BMW will revive the iconic CSL nomenclature. The 2025 BMW M3/M4 CSL is likely to be a limited-edition model which will bring a revised design, coupled with a series of weight reduction measures. We spotted a new prototype a few days ago, and while initially we thought this could be the M4 CSL, it turns out is a test mule decked out with new M Performance Parts.

Two of those M Performance Parts are a center-positioned quad-exhaust system and a massive racing wing on the trunk. As you’d expect, rendering artists jumped on this opportunity and came up with their own interpretation of the car. @bmw43__ on Instagram shared with us the following image:

2025 BMW M4 CSL 00 830x398

The rendering also shows some orange accents against the Frozen Grey paint, and additional M Performance Parts like the carbon fiber rear winglets and the carbon fiber diffuser. We do expect to see some visual changes at the front as well on the M3/M4 CSL car, likely around the bonnet and lower bumper.

Of course, BMW has yet to officially confirm the new CSL model, but M CEO Markus Flasch has often mentioned the CSL name during our interviews. And with the M3/M4 being the bread-and-butter of the M brand, a CSL-like model is more than likely in the books.


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