Top 5 Must Have Bike Accessories for Bike Riders

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Whether you’re a daily commuter, pro cyclist or casual rider, having the right accessory for your journey makes a lot of difference. Your bike accessories can make or break your cycling experience. Read on to know more about your must-have bike gadgets and how to make the right choice when selecting your accessories.

How to Select the Best Bike Accessories

When choosing the right essential for your bike, you should consider factors such as safety, comfort, fit and the different riding styles. Safety should be high on your list when selecting the right gear. An example of a protective gear is the helmet. Bicycle gloves and cushioned seats makes for comfortable and pleasurable ride. For different riding styles, there are pedals, helmets and eyewear that suit different purposes.

Top 5 Bike Accessories

From helmet to riding glasses, make your ride hitch free and safer with these bike accessories. Here’s a list of the top 5 must-have accessories for bike riders.

1. Helmet

Bike Helmet

Helmet is a no-brainer. This particular bike accessory is absolutely non-negotiable. In many states, it’s mandatory to wear a helmet when you’re cycling. While it’s might not be compulsory in your state, it’s safe to don this head gear. This protective gear shield your head during a crash and provide great ventilation. When selecting a bike helmet, ensure you choose a properly fitted helmet.

This is vital as an ill-fitted helmet is unsafe. For a good fit, wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest part of your head, which is about one inch above your brows. Look for a helmet that matches your measurements. A good-fitting helmet should be comfy and not uncomfortably tight. An appropriate head gear should sit right on your head with the front end resting about one inch above your eyebrows.

Recreational bike helmets are great option for casual cyclists. Looking for lightweight, aerodynamic, and well ventilated helmets for swift travel? Road bike helmets are the best choice. Never skip out on a helmet? It’s a must-have accessory.

2. Handle Bar Grip

Bike Handle Bar Grip

Grips are important part of your bike as it is one of the few contact points you have with the bike. A bad grip can be quite annoying on the long ride and frustrates your mountain biking experience.

Handle bar grip can be too thick or thin, you just need to find the one that fits your palms. Padded and user friendly grips absorb road and trail vibration and help prevent hand-pain on longer rides. There’s a wide array of bike handle bar grips to choose from online. Find the right fit.

3. Bike Pedals

Bike Pedals

Most new bikes comes without pedals so there’s a need to consider the type of ride you want to get before purchasing pedals. For instance a mountain bike pedal will differ from a regular pedal. Whether you’re going for weekend rides with the family or cycling, the choice of pedals can make your riding experience much more enjoyable and fun.

In need of a powerful and efficient pedal? Clipless pedals might just be the right one for you. Looking for a secure and stable pedal for control in technical sections? Flat pedal is the best choice.

Get a new set of pedals under your feet!

4. Seat Pads

Bike Seat Pads

Seat pads are real must-have bike accessories. An uncomfortable seat can ruin your ride. Numbness, sweating, reduced circulation, severe pain in your buttocks, back and legs are often associated with bad seat pads. These can prevent you from taking long rides or riding altogether.

Bike seat materials, cushioning, design, size and type of ride can influence your choice of bike seat. Want to get some seat pads? See if you can test ride a seat at the store to check the comfort. Even if you don’t get the exact type you want, the store might have something similar. While you’re test riding, vary your position, ride quickly and slowly.

5. Riding Glasses

Bike Riding Glasses

Riding glasses are essentials for bike riders. Eyewear do not only provide protection from the sun, it also shield you from unpredictable weather, wind and flies. Go for glasses with coverage and interchangeable lenses so you can adjust them to the conditions — dark for sunny days, clear for night and yellow or orange to make overcast days look cheerful. There are various glasses for different type of rides. While a road cyclist may settle for eyewear with Aero lenses, a cross country mountain biker will require a different kind of glass. Find the one that suit your needs.

Bike accessories are not only designed to satisfy your every demand on the road but also to make your ride smooth and silk without having to sacrifice style for safety.

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