Why You Should Shield The Sun With Ceramic Window Tint

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There’s no doubt that Teslas are beautiful and stylish. Much has to do with the glass around and above passengers which give full sight of their surroundings. However, all that glass also puts the car at a higher risk for heat exposure and heat build up inside the cabin.

You wouldn’t spend a day at the beach without applying sunblock, so you shouldn’t drive your Tesla around without first getting the proper protection to shield yourself from the powerful radiation and heat coming from the sun. Research published in The New York Times done by St. Louis University shows drivers were more likely to develop skin cancer on the left side of their face/bodies. This is why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as a preventive measure. 

With so many window films out there, the benefits of nano ceramic tint are what sets it apart from all the other tint films. Here is what it can offer:

Real Protection

The perception of many riders is that the darker the tint film or window, the greater the protection against the sun. Wrong. Stock tint, color dyed, and carbon-based will not provide any real type of heat rejection.

99% UV rejection is expected on all nano ceramic tint films. When dealing with premium nano ceramic tint films, you can expect heat rejection (infrared radiation) to be in the 90%+ range.

It’s important to have the best sun protection out in the market, especially if you’re looking to uphold resale value as much as possible and prevent fading, cracking, and other interior damages.

Extreme Comfort

Ceramic window tint acts as an insulator from the heat outside. Being out directly in the sun with no sunglasses is unpleasant. Having nano ceramic tint on every glass surface of your Tesla is like being under the shade and having your eyes protected at the same time.

While Tesla makes some of the finest, safest, and funnest cars to drive out on the road, you’ll want to make sure your comfort isn’t being interrupted by any heat especially on hot Summer days.

Energy Savings

Just like the window tint acts as an insulator to the heat outside, it also keeps the coolness inside for as long as possible. This means you can expect better efficiency coming from your A/C unit.

Ceramic window film also reduces the need for power-draining climate control system usage. So you can drive farther between charges while still remaining comfortable from the sun.

Easy To Order

Ceramic Tint Film is now made easier to order and install than ever before. If you’re looking to get your Tesla fully tinted or simply the panoramic roof, you can select from various precut tint packages made to fit all Tesla models with precision by visiting MotoShield Pro.

MotoShield Pro offers premium quality ultra high 99% heat rejecting Nano Ceramic Tint film for up to a third less than other brands in the market. If you want the ultimate protection against from the sun, the smartest way is to #ShieldIt with MotoShield Pro.

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