Hiring, Construction for Giga Texas at ‘Full Speed’

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Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has called the Gigafactory a “machine that builds the machine.” The effort for efficient factories has received more attention since the automaker began a significant expansion.

After completing construction of Giga Shanghai in less than a year, Tesla has developed a sense of pride about the speed it can pop up factory. The company hopes to achieve the same speedy factory construction at new sites in Berlin and Austin, Texas.

Tesla announced last month a plan to build new factory in Austin to build the Model Y crossover and the upcoming Cybertruck and Semi.

Local news reports show Tesla’s factory site in Austin taking form, with earth movers leveling the ground for the foundation. The factory will be located on 2,100 acres off Texas 130 and Harold Green Road.

The factory is one of the largest economic development projects in Austin’s history. Tesla says it will spend $1.1 billion to build the plant and employ 5,000 people. The company has already started posting jobs.

Tesla President of Automotive Jerome Guillen promoted the jobs this week in a LinkedIn post:

Giga Texas is happening, full speed! Lots of job openings. Matt is a great leader and is looking for supply chain experts for large-scale construction. Please apply if you are interested, feel qualified, and want to embrace the project of a lifetime!

Current listings are for employees in construction, engineering, and other jobs to support building the factory. The company is also for human relation positions in Austin.

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