What to Do if Your Lease Expires During Coronavirus

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Chase Auto, which handles the leases for Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mazda and Subaru, offered these two options:
“Lease-End Extension: If your lease is scheduled to end in the near future we’ll automatically extend it. By continuing to make your monthly payments, you may extend the term of your Lease Agreement for up to six months to allow you extra time and flexibility. No phone call is needed to confirm your extension. You’ll receive a letter or email from Chase for more information about the lease extension.”
“Lease-End Vehicle Returns: If you don’t wish to take advantage of the lease-end extension and want to coordinate the return of your vehicle, please follow these steps:
“Start by contacting your local dealer. If you are able to return your vehicle to the dealer, please notify us when that is complete via Chase’s secure message center.
“If the dealership is closed, you can request a Home Pickup by completing our Home Pickup Request form (PDF) and returning it to us using the secure message center.
“You will also need to complete an Odometer Statement and leave it in your vehicle on the day it is scheduled to be picked up.
If you have other concerns, please send us a secure message or call us.”
Chase Auto: 1-800-242-7396

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