4 Sporty SUVs for Under $45,000

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Just about every luxury automaker offers a high-performance version of one of its SUVs these days. But not everyone can afford a $70,000 Porsche Cayenne, let alone a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus. To serve more mainstream buyers, some non-luxury brand automakers have begun to offer sporty SUVs as well. These are the models you’ll want to consider if you want a sports car but life dictates you have to own a SUV.

Edmunds’ testing and review experts have put together a list of four relatively new or recently updated SUVs with high fun potential and suggested retail pricing of under $45,000. These SUVs typically have special trim levels that have high-horsepower engines for quick acceleration and sport-tuned suspensions and gripper tires for enhanced handling potential.

Edmunds says:

You don’t need to buy a luxury-branded SUV to get performance. Plenty of affordable options can provide you with a fun and engaging driving experience. They’ll satisfy your sports car cravings while delivering the practicality and versatility you expect from a crossover SUV.

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