Best Trucks for Towing: Top-Rated Trucks for 2020

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While many SUVs can handle moderate towing work, pickup trucks are the best vehicles for pulling truly heavy loads. Rugged body-on-frame construction gives pickups the strength to transport boats, trailers and campers without breaking a sweat. If you’re shopping for the best pickup trucks for towing, Edmunds has you covered, whether you’re looking for a midsize, large or heavy-duty workhorse.

Midsize pickups are generally good for smaller camper trailers, while large trucks can handle larger campers and heavy trailers. However, if you need to tow horse trailers or want the stability that a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch provides, you’ll have to upgrade to a heavy-duty truck.

Each truck model is sold in a variety of cab, bed length, powertrain and axle-ratio configurations. We recommend consulting the manufacturers’ towing guides to make sure the truck you’re considering meets your needs.

Best Trucks for Towing for 2020

Edmunds rates trucks in the three categories mentioned above: midsize, large and heavy-duty. Midsize pickups are the smallest and least expensive of the lot, and they’re suitable if you have modest towing needs. Large pickups are the most popular and strike a good balance between a relatively pleasant ride and high towing limits. Heavy-duty pickups typically trade ride comfort for greater towing capacity, although even these beasts are becoming more luxurious. The trucks below offer the best blend of towing capacity and passenger comfort in their respective classes, which will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Top Towing Features for Trucks

No matter the size class, modern pickup trucks offer many features that help make towing easier. Tailgate-mounted rearview cameras are standard, providing a clear view behind the truck while backing up. Many pickups offer a multi-angle trailer camera that gives a top-down view of the hitch to aid connection. While all rearview cameras display guidelines that span the width of the truck, some have a center line to help guide the hitch to a receiver. There are also available lights in the hitch area to help operators make a connection at night. Some manufacturers also offer a trailer camera connection. And as long as a trailer rearview camera is present and the trailer is connected properly, the trailer camera image can display in the cabin.

Some towing features are manufacturer-specific. Ram pickups can be equipped with a load-leveling air suspension, while Chevrolet and corporate cousin GMC offer sideview cameras that help monitor the trailer’s position, as well as apps that aid the trailer-connection process.

Next Steps

No matter what you’re looking to tow, there’s likely a midsize, large or heavy-duty pickup that meets your needs. Be sure to read Edmunds’ expert reviews, which provide an unbiased look at each truck and help you navigate through the seemingly endless number of possible truck combinations. After you make your decision, use Edmunds’ unparalleled pricing and shopping tools to find a piece of inventory that matches the truck of your dreams.

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